More or less important stories from Jatiwangi, a more or less important small town
on Java in Indonesia. 24 interviews and short scenes tell of losses and gains, from
the conversion of a local traditional agricultural and craft culture to modern suburban
society. 33:40 min. Made in 2013.

FLAT LAND evolved during an Artist in Residency stay at Jatiwangi Art Factory,
with the assistance of numerous residents of Jatiwangi:
Ginggi, Arrief, evni, tremor, Tedi, Krisna, Umi, Uma, Abi, Ami, Ismal, Arrie, Anna,
Christine, Aan, Abdi, Ayas, Bunardy, Yono, Jatiwangi Street Musicans, Eka, Enda,
Irus, Koja, Maya, Jatiwangi Police Wifes, Mohammed, Rudi, Yuli, Jatiwangi
Watchmen, Hanyaterra.