I showed a selection of the Banyan Works at Metahouse in Phnom Penh. I realized a new installation there: RECEIVER. And I made two workshops with orphans in Cambodia, as a part of the BANYAN PROJECT. Last evening i presented KOPI KAPUTA, new songs and VJ-loops. 15th of april - 30th of april 2007. http://www.banyan-project.de


BANYAN WORKS at Metahouse http://www.meta-house.com


Receiver is an installation with 12 old radios, collected on the streets of Phom Penh. I asked the owners, i they would like to change their old radios to new ones. Most of them did. I recorded the sound of the exchange process and designed a soundmix out of it. This was broadcasted over a small radio transmitter to the old radios. Radios are still a very important window to the world for the poor people in Phnom Penh.


Banyan Workshop at NFC Phnom Penh: Young kids show their past as streetchildren in a short hiphop videoclip.


KOPI KAPUTA at Metahouse Phom Penh