Kopi Kaputa at Schloss Biesdorf, September 2021. Lieder & Visuals by Alfred Banze & Stephan Groß
Gäste: Christine Falk, Tanya Barnau Sythoff, Tony Beilby & Achim Treu.

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Alfred Banze of Kopi Kaputa presents a preview of “International School” at Projektraum IO Lux in Weißensee, Berlin 2020.

Kopi Kaputa live at Ortstermin Festival 2020 Berlin.

Kopi Kaputa at 48 Stunden Neukölln 2020. Recorded at Heimathafen Berlin. Music, texts & visuals by Alfred Banze, Stephan Groß, Klaus Uber, Tony Beilby & Christine Falk. Camera by Benedikt Eickhoff & Ruben Beilby.

Music mediation for pedestrians, 8 July 2018 in Berlin, part of “Capturing Spaces” by project space “Stay Hungry”. Together with Stephan Groß as AV Group Kopi Kaputa.

Installation & performance with AV-Group Kopi Kaputa. Projektraum mp43 in Berlin Hellersdorf, 22. – 29. October 2017.