Songkhla Artspace II Thailand: Exhibition, Performance & Workshop. Performances at Iolux Berlin. Zitadelle Berlin / Tag des offenen Denkmals. Schloss Biesdorf / Lange Nacht der Museen. Glashaus Borken/Hessen. Oblomov Bar / 48 Stunden Neukölln Berlin. Camping Akademie e.V. / Artspring Festival Berlin. Kleingartenverein Bornholm 2 / Artwalk Berlin. Metahouse Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Good Feeling Resort, Koh Wai, Thailand.

Paul Gauguin lives today, as aimlessly Berlin artist Paul Alfred G. Disappointed with Europe, he wants to found a Colony of Free Arts in Tahiti! But none of his artist friends want to follow him. Instead, they have plenty of suggestions, what he could do there, instead of them. Arrived in Tahiti he is horrified by highways, gated communities and impoverished suburban settlements. He moves on to the atomically contaminated Mururoa Atoll. There he creates, carrying out the commissions of his artist friends, an impressive late work that is marketed by a foreign legionnaire. The works achieve top prices in Europe, but the collectors fall ill from the atomic radiation of the works, just as the artist himself.

The solo performance by Alfred (Paul) Banze is based on contributions by artists from French Polynesia, France, Greece, Luxembourg, China, Mauritius, Papua New Guinea, Portugal, R.D. Congo, USA & Germany, it contains film projection, webcam, live music & dancing with secondary raw materials.

English version of the video projection tape, as used at the performances:

Kopi Kaputa at Schloss Biesdorf, September 2021. Lieder & Visuals by Alfred Banze & Stephan Groß
Gäste: Christine Falk, Tanya Barnau Sythoff, Tony Beilby & Achim Treu.

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Alfred Banze of Kopi Kaputa presents a preview of “360°” at Projektraum IO Lux in Weißensee, Berlin 2020.

Kopi Kaputa live at Ortstermin Festival 2020 Berlin.

Kopi Kaputa at 48 Stunden Neukölln 2020. Recorded at Heimathafen Berlin. Music, texts & visuals by Alfred Banze, Stephan Groß, Klaus Uber, Tony Beilby & Christine Falk. Camera by Benedikt Eickhoff & Ruben Beilby.

Music mediation for pedestrians, 8 July 2018 in Berlin, part of “Capturing Spaces” by project space “Stay Hungry”. Together with Stephan Groß as AV Group Kopi Kaputa.