“Moskito Net Writings” installation by Alfred Banze at Galerie M.

Exotika 2013 — On The Terms Of The Beautiful, Strange and Wild. An international exhibition project on exoticism in the twenty-first century. Galerie Nord Berlin Moabit, 7 September — 12 October. With Mu Yunbai, Na Yingyu, Andreas Dettloff, Veronika Radulovic, Skall, Ultra Art Fair Unlimited, jiandyin, Vitshois M. Bondo a.o. Galerie M Berlin Marzahn, 15 September – 1 November 2013. With Alfred Banze, Christine Falk, Moritz R. Sakarin Krue On, Amrit Chusuwan, Jean-Ulrick Desert, Duskin Drum, Petra Johnson a.o. www.exotika2013.de

ex moabit events – 41
Opening of the exhibition at Galerie Nord in Berlin Moabit. Performance by Skall.


Installation with fresnel lens in front of lcd screen, Berlin 2013. Part of Exotika 2013.
Video: “Kontiki/Bodhisattva” 77 min, 1995




Installation with mosquito nets, Berlin 2013. Hand-written personal statements
about “new exoticism”. Written from inside by myself, from outside by others.
Part of EXOTIKA 2013.



The installation “Tunnel” with drawings, video projections and sounds in the Exotika 2013 exhibition at Silpakorn Art Lab Nakhon Pathom in Thailand. Drawings and videoprojections in a row create a 40 m long “forest” of images and sounds.


Exotika 2013 – Opening event at Silpakorn Art Lab in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, 28 January 2013. The opening was extended by a program of performances and presentations. The exhibition shows works by 15 international artists, installations, paintings, photos, videos and objects. This exhibition has been extended by art works of 6 graduates of the Silpakorn University Bangkok.