Big drawings, ink & water color on paper, laminated.


Larena Drawings

A3 Drawings made in Philippines in 2017

Wai Drawings

A3 Drawings made in Thailand in 2015.

Bau Bau Drawings

A4 Drawings/Collages made in Indonesia in 2014/15.

Biak Drawings

A4 Drawings made on Pulau Biak West Papua Indonesia in 2014.

Papua Drawings

A6 Drawings made in Papua New Guinea in 2014.

Tuba Drawings

Drawings with Tuba, Philippines 2012. While an artist residency at Balay Kalamragan, San Miguel, Leythe, i did a workshop together with the painter and musican Dante Enage. He introduced the Tuba Painting, with ink made from coconut wine and some bark of forest trees. I asked the children, if i could use them for my own art works. They gave me most of them, and i modified them as you can see here.